It’s almost time to head down to the desert of Indio, California for another round of Coachella. Whether it’s to enjoy the music or to just be part of the scene, people from around the world travel to the Valley for a fun-filled weekend. I had an amazing time last spring when I attended the festival, but there are a few tips I wish I would have known before I went. Here are a couple things to consider before making your way to one of the best music festivals in the world. T

You may get pushed and your feet may get stepped on. This will really only happen if you plan on getting close to the stage for any of the performances. Most people get so amped up when they see their favorite artist, they forget they’re not the only ones in the crowd. Last year, during DJ Snake’s performance I didn’t even have to walk because I was literally being pushed every step. BUT, it’s all love! 9 times out of 10, people apologize when they pushed me. Everyone’s only trying to have a good time. Just take note of this before you try and get super close to the stage.C

There’s smoke everywhere, bruh. The air quality at the festival sucks. It’s a weekend full of dust, cigarette and weed smoke. Just about everyone walks around with a scarf, medical mask or bandana around their face to avoid inhaling all of the mess. Don’t forget to pack one of these items to protect ya sinuses. 

The festival grounds are enormous, making it super easy to lose a friend. If you don’t, Oh well! There are tens of thousands of people attending the festival, you will simply waste time walking around in circles trying to find your friends. All of this can be avoided by establishing a meeting spot ahead of time or just being mindful of sticking together.

You probably want to buy merch, but who wants to lug extra items around all day in the hot sun? Usually, stores open on Thursday before the festival actually begins. Take this time to get first dibs on all the cool souvenirs and avoid carrying them around during the festival. You can’t leave without buying some of the fly gear from the Coachella Boutique. If for some reason the shop isn’t open on Thursday, buy your merch on Friday, you’ll still get first dibs and get it out the way. Trust me, stuff will sell out quick!

Coachella is all about the music, so expect to hear from artists you may not know. There are easily over 100 artists that perform over the weekend, so from about 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. it’s non-stop music! You’ll also have periods of time when you and your squad are just chillin’ for a few hours waiting for one of your favorite bands to play. Unless you want to go back to your tent or hotel/house that you’ve rented (which is lame, enjoy the festival!), you’re going to have to get through some performances where you don’t know the music. Open your mind, hit that EDM milly rock and expand your music horizon. I promise, you won’t regret it. 

Being outdoors for 10+ hours in the hot weather mixed with sweating and alcohol consumption can be the perfect combination for dehydration. To avoid the unneeded cash flow, make sure you bring your own reusable water bottle with you for the weekend. Once you get into the festival, refill it at water stations any time you start feeling drowsy. Another alternative for anyone is a hydration backpack.

Pro Tip: Utilize the “One Drink, One Water” Rule: for every mixed drink/beer you consume, follow it up with at least 16oz of water.

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival is truly a weekend of good people, good vibes and good music. Keep in mind the couple of tips above and you’re on the road to one of the best weekends ever. Happy Coachella!

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