Most people don’t realize the amount of work it takes to make a single song, let alone an album. The process can be grueling, complicated and at some points very emotional. Artists and their production team pour their hearts and souls out to make a good product for their fans. In the past, often times only the main artist(s) were recognized. Since the second half of the 2010’s more and more producers and songwriters have been getting their rightful shine for their hard work on projects. This new series will take a look at the producers and songwriters behind some of the most beloved hits and artists, to offer insight on their works and lives.

“Thought I’d end up with Sean but, he wasn’t a match.” In one of the most anticipated, honest songs of 2018, pop superstar, Ariana Grande bared her soul -which admittedly had been through a lot- on the chart toping single “Thank You, Next.” With the subsequent release of the album with the same title came a wave of a deeper insight into Grande’s professional haven of collaborators who, as a byproduct, became some of her best friends. Through her last two albums -both released within a six month time span- the world has been introduced and re-introduced to a bevy of singers, songwriters and producers who have not only worked with the queen of the high ponytail but have, also collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. Having been a constant in pop star’s life for a handful of years the combination of Social House, Tommy “TBHits” Brown, Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét, have helped Grande put together arguably her two most successful albums of her career.

Eventually, the series will cover the TBHits and Tayla Parx but, to kick it off we will start with Victoria Monét whose carved herself a unfuckwitable lane in the industry. The Sacramento native -NorCal girls are really doing the damn thing- has been no stranger to songwriting with one of her earliest credits coming from a writing and feature collaboration with the legendary New York rapper, Nas, on his cut, “You Wouldn’t Understand” off his 2012 album, “Life is Good.” Monét is clearly, no stranger to big names but she spreads her talent around to newer artists as well.

Monét has written for the star of Disney Channel’s Original Movie “Let It Shine,” Coco Jones, as well in being a huge part of the early days of the girl group Fifth Harmony, writing four -including the title track- of the 11 songs on their 2015 debut album, “Reflection.” Her earliest collab with her high octave bestfriend came in 2013 co-writing two songs on Ariana’s debut album “Yours Truly.” Monét has written on every one of Ariana’s albums and it is obvious that not only do they enjoy each other as friends but also make some of their best music together. She can be heard providing background vocals on Ariana’s latest album along with Tayla Parx, which gives the music extra flavor and a lot of vibrance to each cut.

The sadly, overlooked aspect of Monét’s is that she too has some certified bangers that she’s kept for herself. Since 2014 Monét has released four EPs and a handful of singles to let us know that she too, has the vocal prowess. Her 2017 single “Ready” being arguably her best to date, the singer/songwriter has opened on tour for the likes of Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande and most recently with Ella Mai. Don’t let the songwriting credits fool you, Victoria Monét is a bonafide, solo R&B superstar. Monét is set for a major breakthrough and she’s seems to be on the cusp with her latest single, a collaboration with none other than…yeah you guessed it Ariana Grande titled “Monopoly.” The trap, sing-song record gave Monét her first Billboard Hot 100 entry. She is easily one of the top tier, complete packages in the R&B world with her incredibly intricate dance moves only adding on to her abilities both in a booth and on a notepad. Victoria Monét has been ready and the world is ready to receive whatever comes next!

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