Interview: The Beaches
The Beaches

Canadian rock band The Beaches are currently on tour with Passion Pit. Their fiery tongue-and-cheek style spices up your average day. We got the chance to chat with the lead singer/bass player, Jordan, before the upcoming show in Seattle at Showbox SoDo. What are you most excited about for your upcoming tour? We’re really excited […]

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Country Trap isn’t a New Trend to Ride

Atlanta based rapper, Lil Nas X, has garnered one of the most amazing stories in hip hop this year. In late 2018, the rapper released a song called “Old Town Road” which, was a blend between country music and hip hop. Within the month of March 2019, with the help of the video-sharing platform Tik […]

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The Album Review Lizzo Doesn’t Want

Lizzo may not want this review but, here it is anyways. Fresh off of powering through two weekends of sound difficulties at Coachella, the genre-bending, singer, rapper, musician released her highly anticipated third studio album, “Cuz I Love You” on Apr. 19. The role out of the entire album has been impeccable. Between the perfect […]

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6 Tips to a Successful Coachella Weekend

It’s almost time to head down to the desert of Indio, California for another round of Coachella. Whether it’s to enjoy the music or to just be part of the scene, people from around the world travel to the Valley for a fun-filled weekend. I had an amazing time last spring when I attended the […]

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Sustainability. When most people hear that word they think about hippies, peace signs, complicated time consuming “solutions” or they are just confused/uninterested about the whole idea in general. My goal is to change that. Being sustainable is all about paying attention. It’s the easy, simple everyday changes that make a huge difference. So here are […]

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Earl Sweatshirt in Seattle
Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt casually walked out on stage, drink in hand, and mumbled inaudibly into the mic. Yelling erupted once the crowd realized exactly who was on stage. Earl’s entire set transitioned impeccably smooth. Every slide to a new song brought its own set of cheers directly followed by screams of lyrics. Unlike most hip-hop shows […]

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