Whether she’s penning a HIT for your favorite artists, dropping bomb ass pics on the gram or in the studio cooking up for her upcoming project “BOSS UP”, Compton’s own Brittany B. is a talented singer-songwriter whose pen goes just as hard as her shade. Don’t let the Love & Hip Hop arguments fool you, Brittany a.k.a Boss Britt has built a career on writing BOPS for artists like Kash Doll, Ledisi, Bhad Bhabie, Eric Bellinger, YG, Tyla Yaweh and countless more, while collecting a few Grammy nominations and Billboard plaques along the way. We talked everything from creativity expressing yourself, ‘Greatest Singers of All Time’, artist development to new music from Blac Chyna. Our conversation went a little something like this.

You’ve been known to collaborate with some talented people in the industry. How does watching others create spark your own creativity?  Whether I’m collaborating or just watching, I’m always learning. I love to learn new things in the studio and new methods of creating. Watching other creatives music videos and listening to others music kinda motivates me to want to express myself. It’s hard to describe lol. 

Why do you think it’s important that people express their creativity through music, art, writing, etc?  I think that your art never dies. Music, art, writing is essential is immortalizing yourself in history. You never know who’s watching or drawing inspiration from you.

You’re a cast member on this season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, What’s the most important thing you want viewers to take away from your storyline?  I just want them to remember to be yourself, keep it real and stand up for yourself and also never give up on your dreams. I am a testimony of someone who never gave up and I’ve gotten so far in my life. 

On LHHH, you said “There are people who sing, and there are people who SANG!” What separates the two? LOL. I feel that some people are trained and can sing well but the feeling and conviction in your voice is what matters the most.

What do you think about Rolling Stones “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” list?  I think it’s pretty accurate but there are so many undiscovered greatest singers that will join that list.

What would your “Top 10 Greatest Singers of All Time” list look/sound like? I’d have Whitney Houston, Usher, Joe, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige at the top of the list. Everyone else is debatable. 

What is your guilty pleasure song?  My guilty pleasure song is probably any song by Young Thug lol. I don’t know what he be sayin but he be sounding GOOD and his music is lit. 

What advice would you give to an artists struggling to organically find a way to cut through the noise?  Don’t give up, adjust and be flexible, evolve, do what works and cut out what doesn’t fast. Also get a team of people who believe in you.

We all know the music industry is a male-dominate industry. As a young woman, A&R and artists, how do you navigate through all the bullshit that comes with being attractive, smart and loving music?  I’ve learned some lessons in that area. I’ve dated musicians, I’ve had rumors spread about me and I’ve had to earn the respect from men who didn’t see the value in working with me because they couldn’t get past wanting to sleep with me. It happens too often in the industry. However I just work with those who really want to work with me. 

Do you think Artist Development is important today? Especially for an artist to have longevity?  Artist development is important for the culture but not for the business. If an artist is hot, they’re hot. No one can predict their success no matter if they were developed first or not. Yet to have longevity in the game I still feel it’s important. 

You have been nominated for a Grammy for your songwriting efforts with Ledisi and you penned the hit that earned Bhad Bhabie the title of “Youngest Female Rapper to chart on Billboard”. Do you think there’s a formula to making a hit record?  There’s definitely a formula to making a hit record. (that I can’t tell you lol) Nah.. just kidding but there are elements that every hit record has. Every great song contains some of the same elements to it. 

What’s your favorite karaoke song?  My favorite Karaoke song is “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot & “Weak” by SWV.

Brittany B…B..lac Chyna, We want to hear what she has been working on ASAP! What were those recording sessions like?  Chyna is such a boss woman and she can do anything she puts her mind too! Our sessions were lit! 

Since playlist/streaming plays a major role in music today, we’re starting a new series called “LemmePutYouOn To…” where we help a potential supporter navigate through an artist’s catalogue. So, if you could put a new fan on to the “Brittany B Essentials” (Whether it be your songs and/or songs you pinned) what 5-10 songs would you play them? I’d play them: Phuck it up off my “Urban Nostalgia” project. I’d play them “No Games” w/ Eric Bellinger and I’d play them one Bhad Bhabie song, one Ledisi song and Tyla Taweh song. 

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