Social media has become an artist’s greatest marketing tool and currently no one knows that better than Indianapolis hip-hop artist, Marcoo5K. Originally from Chicago, the rising rapper was arrested by the police in connection to an alleged 2017 shooting, but not before using the opportunity to get their reaction to his street anthem, “Facts”. This viral moment sparked fans to create the “Free Marcoo” campaign as they play his music in the background of their posts. 

Despite his recent circumstance, the 19-year-old rapper has been able to position himself as one of the brightest talents to emerge in hip-hop. After dropping his 2018 E.PD.P.W.TMarcoo5K began to gain the attention of major players in the music industry. His remixes to “Neva Cared” and “Gummo” also helped boost his recognition. Marcoo is known for combining his melodic flow and gritty lyrics making his music even more appealing to fans. His unique style and charm allows him to stand out among the pack. His popularity continues to grow with over 1 million plays on and counting on his music platforms as well as thousands of fans across social media. Whether it be for new music or his social media antics Marcoo5K is definitely an artist to watch! Marcoo5K’s recent single, Facts is available on all digital streaming platforms. You can Also stream his EP, 
on all platforms as well. 

Marcoo5k is also active on Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and Apple Music, you can follow to stay up to date on any new music.

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