Going from a college dropout to cementing the unofficial anthem for HBCU greek parties across the South with his nostalgic banger “Cut Her Off” featuring 2 Chainz, K Camp has become a household Atlanta name through his short yet vigorous career. Today, the Atlanta hitmaker has extended his LinkedIn profile from just “Entertainer” to culture shifter, XXL Freshman Alumnus, CEO and ‘Song of the Summer’ recipient with “Lottery.” Our full conversation went a little something like this.

1AM: You’ve dealt with some difficult life and business situations in the past, but you stood tall and you were able to weather the storm. Now, you find yourself CEO of your own label, backed by Empire. What are some of the biggest obstacles you face, now that you’re in this position? 

K Camp: I was always a CEO, but now I’m just in a more beneficial situation with the label. The spotlight is definitely bigger now so, the obstacles I face revolve around making sure everything is constantly on point. Having a team around me that’s solid definitely helps smooth out the day to day operations. I think there are often misconceptions with being an artist that once you’re on top everything is easier, but that isn’t the case. That’s when the real work starts. My biggest obstacle was getting through the bullshit. It took years to finally tap into my business side and elevate through it. Everything I learned in the process was worth it, I don’t regret it because it made me who I am. Now it’s time to get back everything I deserve plus some. 

1AM: Timeless is a well respected brand in the industry. How did you come together with them for the Timeless x K Camp “RARE” vaporizer? Tell me a little bit about how marijuana has helped you in your everyday life, especially with your creative process. How could the “RARE” vaporizer potentially help other artists expand their creative processes? 

K Camp: Bosses link up when the time’s right.  Timeless came to us with a dope idea so we went with it.  Studies have shown that cannabis has a ton of creative benefits and I’m a firm believer in that.  Hopefully with the success of this partnership other artists can see that there’s more than just music, and the music is just a driver to other ventures.

1AM: Why do you think artists and musicians are able to crossover into and thrive in the cannabis industry? 

K Camp: I feel like artists and musicians are able to crossover, and thrive, in the cannabis space because the two go hand in hand.  Having a core fanbase that shares the same beliefs as you definitely helps create a seamless process.  

1AM: Where do you think the cannabis industry is headed? How do you want to make a lasting impact on the industry? 

K Camp: The cannabis industry is going to be headed in a global direction where it’s not as taboo.  There’s definitely too much money to be made and governments are definitely starting to wake up to see the tax benefits created.  So us as artists, especially in the urban community we have a platform to get in on the ground floor and create opportunities for others in our community.  

1AM: Atlanta has steadily influenced our culture and the popular sound in music. How has Atlanta been able to steadily maintain that impact at such a high level? 

K Camp: Atlanta is a collaborative city. We all fuck with each other in some type of way. It’s been that way for years, and we hold all the flavor, so why wouldn’t we be on top? Why do you think everyone moves here once they get any sort of buzz? There’s just too much creative energy in the city.  Because of this, I saw an opportunity to build out a RARE SOUND studio in Midtown Atlanta that will be open to artists later this year.

1AM: Tell me a little bit about the new studio, RARE Sound.

K Camp: RARE Sound is my label, and I want to bring a new vibe to the city.  Trap runs Atlanta. Even though our shit is trap inspired, we bring another feel and look to the game.  EVERYTHING IS RARE! The lifestyle, the vision, our women, etc. But we finally got a home base where we can make millions out of.  We trapped so long out the crib it was time to expand in a positive direction!

1AM: Who are some artists and/or people in the industry that inspire you? 

K Camp: Some of my inspirations are Jay Z, Ye, Diddy, Gucci, Pee, Coach K, All the bosses & I’m one of my biggest inspirations.  I’m on the same wave on my end.

1AM:Lottery” has been one of the biggest records of the summer and has helped to run up the numbers on ‘Wayy 2 Kritical’. What do you have planned to keep that momentum until the release of  ‘K.I.S.S. 5’? Any features or information you want to share on the upcoming release? 

K Camp: I just gotta stay in their face at the end of the day. It’s easy when the music is there, the talent is there, and the work ethic is there. It’s just about staying consistent and delivering the content that the fans deserve. I’m working on ‘K.I.S.S. 5’ now plus more, so stay tuned for more waves the rap game gone try to run off with!

1AM: If you actually won the lottery (let’s say for 100 mil), what would you do with the money? 

K Camp: If I were to win the lottery I would buy everything my mama, sister and myself ever wanted. I would want to get in on a sports franchise. Most importantly, though, invest. I’ll buy an island and have all the most fly shit in the world on it. Just a place where I can ball out with my niggas & loved ones. I would also give back to the community. Open up some rec centers in the hood. A place where these kids can hoop at, and also a studio in each of them where these kids can express themselves creatively.

1AM: With the bulk of your time going into being an artist, a label CEO, as well as putting time into the cannabis venture and the new studio; what do you do to focus on self care? What are your favorite “me time” things to do when you need to unwind?

K Camp: It’s a lot of pressure on me at the moment wearing all these hats but it’s been that way since the jump.  It’s paying off now because I didn’t bend or fold and rolled with the punches. I handle my business, but as far as self care, I pray and meditate when I can. I get massages and hit the gym a lot.  You gotta take care of your health and be in top shape, especially when you’re touring and crossing time zones. That shit will tear you apart if you aren’t mentally and physically prepared for it.

1AM: Lastly, playlisting and streaming plays such a major role in music today, so we started a new series called “LemmePutYouOn To…” where we help a potential supporter navigate through an artist’s catalogue. So, if you could put a new fan on to the “K Camp Essentials” what are 5-10 songs would you play them?

K Camp: “Cut Her Off” ft. 2 Chainz, “Comfortable”, “Money Baby” ft. Kwony Cash, “Lottery” and a few more.

Stream the K Camp Essentials and check out his newest music video “Bling Bling” directed by Amos LeBlanc.

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