1AMCreative launches #LunchBreakRead to help you ‘Stay Hungry’ while taking a break from your hustle.

For most of us, our lunch break is an opportunity for us to catch up on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram selfies, Donald Trump’s Twitter shenanigans, & TheNeighborhoodTalks latest tea. Whether you “getcho life” while eating on a bowl from Chipotle or enjoying a refreshing Green smoothie & Citrus Avocado Salmon Salad, your lunch break should be a time when you clear your head from your hectic To-Do list, breathe a little, and get re-energized for the second half of your day.

After doing some crowdsourcing amongst friends, co-workers, & creatives, we quickly realized that we’re not the only ones that like to use our lunch break to be slightly productive. Time is a precious thing to us, especially since we live a constant “on the run” lifestyle. So we came up with the ultimate lunch break hack!

The #LunchBreakRead is a series of articles related to marketing, technology, the music business & entrepreneurship. These articles are to help you stay hungry while taking a break from your hustle.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @1amcreative to stay up to date with the #LunchBreakRead thread & join in on the conversation surrounding our other creative topics. Don’t forget to ALWAYS #StayHungry 🔑

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