Sweet souls and music seem to go hand and hand. Nyallah, L.A. bred Brooklyn based, non-binary (who uses she/them pronouns) musician is showing us that growth is part of life and sometimes there’s bumps and bruises we must procure along the voyage of our ever-changing life.

Nyallah first got their start at a very early age saying that her mother told her that she actually sang the alphabet before she would say it. With a musical background its not surprising that this was the path laid out for them.

Having been influenced by the R&B likes of Lalah Hathaway, Brandy, Jill Scott and the Hip Hop vibes from De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Common, Nyallah has crafted their own lane of sultry music with retro themes and some kick ass rap flows.

With the energy stemming from those musicians it’s quite that her favorite part about creating music is the healing that it brings. “Usually when I create it’s coming from a place of needing to vent or needing to unpack something and a place of vulnerability.” Nyallah’s ability to be so in touch with their feelings it what helps makes their music stand out.

Her latest project “Reflections” dropped at the beginning of 2019 and is a beautiful ride through the typical tropes of being a young 20 something in the world. Between heartbreaks and hard times and even self doubt once the EP is complete the journey you’ve just gone through is something you can reminisce on and ultimately be proud of yourself for persevering through no matter what anyone has to say.

Nyallah ultimately, is a precious gem to this industry. Though “Reflections” did come out at the top of the year she says her new music is completely different than her previous work. “I think as I create more music and create more songs and content I will really be able to tap into my growth as a person and musician and it will be audible through my music.”

As far as the future she is optimistic about what is to come. “I see my music healing in the future. Healing in ways that I never thought was possible. I’m sure I’ll be making music based on things I’m currently scared to talk about or haven’t even gone through yet but I’m curious to see how I’ll be processing it and handling it.”

Ultimately, Nyallah wants to create a sense of community around them and their content. “I want my music to create a space and a topic of conversation for those who felt unsure, alone and hopeless. I want people to know that those feelings come and go but your resilience, your strength, you..your personhood is always going to be there as long as your heart is beating it’s gonna fucking be there.”

Nyallah’s newest single “Growing Pains” delves deep into the expedition we all go on throughout life. It’s a upbeat groove that encourages listeners not to revisit the past but to instead use those past experiences to grow into a new space and into a metamorphic state of being.

As for Nyallah, this is clearly just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come for them. The changes they will experience throughout their career will continually be reflected in their music and continue to create safe space for people to feel all the feels!

The video for “Growing Pains” is out now!

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