True to himself and his craft Sammie offers yet another carefully crafted, well thought out ode to an experience that every listener can relate to. The R&B Crooner, is back with a new single and visual that tackles infidelity from a man’s perspective. Known mostly, for his 1999 smash hit “I Like It” which, he released at only 12 years old, Sammie has come into his own as a consistently great artist. His vocal prowess could be felt at that early age but his maturation through the years have only helped to solidify his place in the game. The track titled “Face to Face” forces Sammie to address his very apparent character flaws, knowing that he has a good woman by his side. When asked about the inspiration for the song Sammie offers some self-criticism and the realization that he needed to change. He says, “Face to Face…its literal. I grew tired of running from myself. Lying in a bed of lies. So much so, that if i recited them enough times I’d start to believe that they were true It became sickening and difficult to carry. At some point, we all must look at ourselves in the mirror and chisel at the things we don’t fancy about ourselves.” This cut provides a straight down the line R&B feel, with a very enjoyable twist. It’s a reminder of “Confessions” era Usher which, is exactly what makes this song and visual a certified bop. The clean production of this track mixed with Sammie’s distinct, yet chilling vocals provide a look in to a man that wants to do better but does not have the maturity or knowledge on how to go about it. The lyrics, which are equally as painstakingly beautiful as his vocals, reinforces the theme of having to look at himself in disappointment over what he’s done. He dives deep into his mistakes and his confusion on how to beat his inner demons. He sings, “Got her texts in my phone, damn why can’t I delete? I mean ’cause even if I do that doesn’t mean I ain’t cheat.” Sammie understands the work it takes, having dealt with addressing his own transgressions in his personal life, it is obvious through his performance that he felt every word that he sang, thus making it even more convincing. The visual itself could stand alone as a masterpiece. The video shows Sammie being followed by a private investigator to confirm what his girlfriend seems to know to be true already. The ending of the video (don’t worry there’s no spoilers) not only tips its hat to the realness of true heartbreak but shows that actions can and will affect those around us. Sammie has been showing that he could stand the test of time and has the growth necessary to step in to becoming an adult in the industry. “Face to Face” proves that if you thought Sammie was going anywhere you’re wrong…yet again. This cut is one of many that can be found his latest LP “Everlasting” which is available right now on all streaming platforms.

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