Sustaining the planet is important but you also need to take care of yourself. As crazy as the world is today, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the chaos of everything and feel like you are losing your mind. Feeling this way is 100% okay and normal. Everyone is going through the same feelings at one point or another and I want to bring it to light and spark up the conversations about it. The social media realm makes it easy to forget reality and compare your feelings to other people seemingly perfect lives. 2019 is the year of self love and growth. I’m no expert but here are some easy things that help bring me and my friends back to earth and make us reset and calm our crazy minds.

1.Long baths, showers

This seems like a simple thing but this is your “YOU” time. Time away from everyone and everything where you can just relax and not have to worry about anyone else. This is the time where you can put on concerts, sing your heart out and get your energy up. So make a poppin playlist and enjoy yourself.


Reading can seem so boring to most and I am one of them, but when I get a good book about spirituality, manifestation or any other self help books I really see the difference in my moods and thought processes. Setting aside a little bit of time to even just read 5 pages of a book daily will help you unlock different parts of your brain and if its positive content you will subconsciously start to change your thoughts and feel better without really trying.


Meditating can be hard and a little intimidating. I’ve even felt like I just don’t know how to do it, but really there’s no right or wrong way to meditate. The whole point is to slow down your brain and just try to get to a still, calm mindset. Starting/ending the day with 5 minutes or removing yourself from a stressful situation for a few minutes can really help you chill and remember everything passes and to take it slow. Looking up some meditation videos or downloading some apps can also help with this practice.

4.Exercising/Outside activities/Alone time

With springtime rolling in the beautiful weather , it is important to connect with nature, feel the sun on your skin and get some fresh air. Setting aside some time to be alone outside, no social media no phone just you and the fresh air. So often we are so focused on going 24/7 , work , driving here, running this strand and so on we forget to clichely “stop & smell the roses” go for a walk, sit and read a book, do some exercises outside. The vitamin D and getting your blood pumping will immediately change your mood.

Regardless of what you decide to do, the point is MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. There’s more to life than working and just surviving. There’s only one you, so invest time into yourself and remember why you are here.

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