“Independent money nigga, I got my own label Niggas think I’m failing cause I left off of a major I can take a loss when nigga, I am not a stranger I’m your father lil bitch you can call me Dark Vader,”

Trinidad James rapped on the chorus of his latest hit, “Playli$t”. The Young Fyre-produced song is described as “A love song for humanity and hip-hop,” by James. “Not many singles show other artists love on them. Every artist mentioned on the hook is an artist that inspires me, and I actually have on my ‘Playli$t.'”

“I got Uzi, I got Carti, I put em on my playlist/ I got Yachty, Cardi B put em on my playlist/ I got Pardi, I got Dizzy, put em on my playlist/ I got Future, I got Thugger, put em on my playlist”

Mike Warner, Author of “Work Hard Playlist Hard” says, “Playlists are one of the most effective outlets for breaking an artists song. With Spotify implementing personalized editorial playlists and most of the DSP’s utilizing the algorithmic playlists to feed more music into listeners ears the opportunities for artists are even bigger. Anyone can submit to editorial and no longer have to be signed with a label to achieve this.” Statistics show that being included on Spotify curated playlist can generate an increase in plays of 50-100%, with a 20% increase following the initial rise.

When we asked what’s the biggest lesson he learned while signed to a major label that he now applies to Gold Gang Records, James said “Understand your fan before you pick a home for your art. #DAD”

Check out this playlist featuring the artists that inspired the song, curated by Trinidad himself and don’t forget to shazam his new song and put it on your playlist.

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